In this section we will post the photos related to the Romesco de Tarragona that we are getting from different collaborators. We will be glad to receive your photos.

• Photos from the archive of town hall of Tarragona, related to Romesco: the municipal photographic archive of Tarragona has a wonderful selection of photos related to Romesco, particularly the Romescaires Masters Competition.

• Photo reports provided by Lolita Placa. Several snapshots of different editions of the Romescaires Contest (some very old) and another activity related to the Romesco de Tarragona. All of this takes place in the Serrallo, Tarragona’s fishing district.Some of these photos may coincide with those of the photographic archive of town hall of Tarragona.

• Photo report that was held in the fishing boat Nova Tortosina of the Serrallo, on May 11, 2019. The 125th anniversary of the first Romesco of Tarragona recipe was commemorated. This recipe was published in the cuisine book “El Practicón”  of 1894 (see bibliography). Two romescos were made: one of cuttlefish with potatoes and another of turbot.

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