RomescoLab | The Romesco studies center of Tarragona, is an independent cultural company that articulates different actions dedicated to promoting the Romesco as a heritage asset of Tarragona, fundamentally based on the development of its study and knowledge. You can reach us at

One of our most important and permanent projects is precisely this website. At we are totally open to your collaboration: we are very interested in your comments, suggestions, opinions or criticisms about this website. We will also be delighted to receive your contributions to this portal in any way (recipes, articles, photos…).

Collaborating with this website:
  • Enrique Alonso: documentary support and photography.
  • Ana Salazar: anothergraphic and grammatical revision and editorial management.
  • Manolo Quero, Mestre Romescaire de Tarragona (2022)  and Fuensanta Budesca: culinary advice.
  • Richard Hayes: English version revision.
  • Guillermo Fernández, Mestre Romescaire de Tarragona (2012): general coordination.
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