In this section we will publish interviews with different people related to the world of Romesco. In some cases it is also intended to obtain references of the oral tradition of the Romesco of Tarragona.

(If you know of somebody who you think that would be interesting to interview for this section (or maybe you want to be interviewed), please write to us at

• Lolita Placa: she was a teacher at the Serrallo school. She is the daughter of Josep Placa i Flos, who was president of the Fishermen’s Association for 34 years -1945-1979- (Catalan, 20 minutes, August 22, 2022).

• Vicent Pedrol: trawler fisherman from the GERMANS PEDROL fishing boat. A person with a long family fishing tradition and with more than 30 years of experience at sea (catalan. 18 minutes, August 24, 2022).

Josep Ramon Tules (Pitu Mosquits): retired trawler fisherman from the MADOBE fishing boat. He has accumulated a long experience in the preparation of romesco´s and another fishermen’s dishes for many people in several events (catalan. 19 minutes, August 2, 2022).

• Oscar García: co-founder and maitre of the restaurant El Taller de Tarragona (Spanish. 20 minutes, April 29, 2021).

• David Solé: after studying at the Escuela de Restauración y Hostelería de Barcelona, he dedicated a lot of time to different professional stages in restaurants and hotels around the world, Mexico and Cuba, among others. Currently he is chef at Restaurant Barquet de Tarragona. In 2007 he obtained the professional certificate of Sommelier from the Rovira Virgili University of Tarragona. He has written ten books, one was recognized at the state level, and “El Té y la Cocina Mediterránea” was declared the best tea book in the world of 2011. He is currently a regular contributor to Catalunya Radio and has done diferent programs on Televisió de Catalunya, on Televisión Española and Canal Cocina. He has also collaborated in other media around the world (Catalan. 20 minutes, March 4, 2021).

• Fuensanta Budesca and Manolo Quero: Fuensanta belongs to a Serrallo family with a long tradition. Manolo, currently retired, has dedicated his entire life to the fishing profession, having also been a boat cook. He is also an expert in the construction, repair and adjustment of trawling gear. Both are married and both are fans of cooking in general and of fishermen’s cuisine and Romesco in particular (Spanish/Catalan. 15 minutes, July 15, 2020).

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