From October 18, 2021 a book is on sale, a perfect complement to this website:

El Romesco

La prodigiosa caldereta marinera de Tarragona

Foreword by Maria Mercè Martorell Comas.

This book is NOT a lucrative initiative, but is published for educational, informative and research purposes. For this reason, the eventual benefits that it produces will have a direct impact on the maintenance of this website dedicated to Romesco de Tarragona.

NOTE: This book is offered on free to cultural organizations or initiatives, libraries, and archives while disponibility last. More information:

Please, do not forget to leave your comment on the sale website.

Book reviews and comments:

Reviews from different readers on the book’s website.

Review in Diari de Tarragona (Jordi Bertran) -in Catalan-.

Review in -in Catalan-.

Review on the website of the Basque Academy of Gastronomy.

Review in Més Tarragona on december 30, 2021, by Cristina Serret; also in on line edition.

Interview to Guillermo Fernández (Romescolab) by Núria Cartanyà, from the program Què de què, of Tarragona Radio (November 10, 2021) -in catalan-

Interview to Guillermo Fernández (Romescolab) about his Romesco´s book in the program El far, of Tarragona Radio (December 17, 2021) -in catalan-

Interview to Guillermo Fernández (Romescolab) about his book on Romesco, in the program Degustar España of RNE 5, by Manuel Moraga (January 1, 2022).

Tarragona Council blog, by Josep Gallofré (January 12, 2022) -in catalan-.

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